Know-How The Basics On How To Shuffle Poker Chips

Shuffling is a must whether it is playing cards or poker chips. People may shuffle for many reasons; for some, it is a habit, for others, it is a way to look cool. Some others believe it is a sound body language and neutralise unknown physical reactions. Few others love the crunch sound and it helps them concentrate. Very few do it to pass their time.


Steps on how to shuffle poker chips

Though the shuffling looks impressive, learning how to shuffle poker chips is easy.

  • Basic shuffling: Six no of chips is the minimum no of chips to do the basic shuffling. It is advised to pick three chips of one colour and the rest of other. One can always practice with coins too but it would be more difficult
  • Divide into two stacks: Separate it into two stacks by colour. For a beginner, it helps to distinguish between two different stacks. Correct shuffling will get you a stack of alternate colours. 
  • Use flat surface: Beginners are advised to use small surfaces like felt, pillow, etc.
  • Positioning of fingers: Place the dominant hand parallel to the flat surface over the chips. Fingers are to be pointed downwards with the tips touching the surface. Thumb and index finger is to be placed on opposite sides of one stack while the little finger and ring fingers are to be placed likewise on the opposite stack. The middle finger is strategically placed between two stacks. 
  • Pushing the stacks: Apply very little pressure to the two stacks with all but the middle finger. The middle finger is hooked slightly under the two stacks at the centre. Pull up the finger to let the stacks fall down. Squeeze all your fingers at the same time
  • Guiding the chips: Middle finger is used to control how the chips fall. 
  • Split the stack: Split the six chips into two stacks of 3 each. Shuffle, split and repeat until you become a pro.

Points to be taken care of

  • Do not shove the two stacks: Minimal force should only be applied. 
  • The angle of inclination of the chips: Bottom chips should form acute angles ( greater than or equal to 45) with the flat surface.
  • Experiment as you wish: Shuffle grips works differently for different people. You can experiment on how to shuffle poker chips as per your comfort.
  • Record the shuffling: To get a better perspective and to improve.

Improve your shuffling skills

  • Increasing no of chips: Six is only the minimal number of chips to practice with. You can always challenge yourselves with more number of chips.
  • Maximum no of chips: Practice with maximum no of chips your hands are capable of handling.
  • Add a third stack: Arrange the 3 stacks of 3 chips each as a triangle.

The thumb should hold one stack, index and middle finger on the second, and ring finger and pinky finger the third.

Push the three stacks into each other by tilting upwards at the centre of the triangle and lift your hand up simultaneously.

Squeeze the three stacks slot game online malaysia together. 


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